Behavioral-Intelligent Personal Growth.

The 1on coaching platform uses actual meeting data to transform skills development in the flow of work, creating a secure and personalized growth space that drives measurable improvements in productivity, engagement, and retention for the future of your workforce.

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The value of Behavioral-Intelligence Coaching

Feedback in the flow of work drives real results

1on accelerates personal and professional development with data-driven tools and real-time feedback, driving measurable impact on company goals and bottom line.

Measure behavioral change

Scale coaching for every employee

Impact on business results


The Behavioral Intelligent AI Coach

Our revolutionary coaching platform transforms your workforce's mindsets, skills, and behaviors, powered by Behavioral-Intelligent AI coaches and real communication insights.

AI Communication Analysis
Our proprietary AI technology analyzes communication data across all channels, using video analysis and multi-modal expressions, to provide insights into actual employee behaviors and engagement
Automated Coaching & Feedback
Emotionally intelligent AI coaches provide effective nudges, real examples, and personalized feedback to enhance personal skills, including communication and leadership, leading to improved effectiveness at work
Evident Behavioral Change
Our system manages personalized growth plans based on employees' actual behavior across communication channels over time.
People Analytics Dashboard
While keeping privacy, our system provides you with aggregated insights on team behviors and how people are growing, and segments populations and data to target your business need.
Integrations & deployment
Easy and secure integrations to your communication and learning systems allow you to optimize and automate the deployment while keeps data and privacy strictly safe and secure.

Behavioral-Intelligent coaching at scale

1on connects to your communication tools, analyse real data for personal assessment and use AI models to build a personal growth plan for each employee. Our bots engage employees with engaging nudges and examples from the flow of work and keep them engaged throughout their growth journey.

    Data-driven personal assessment

    1on collects meeting and communication data and builds a complete employee skills profile and areas for development from multiple dimensions of personality, creating a clear picture and path forward.

    Personal Feedback Clips

    Our AI coaches optimize growth opportunities and reach out employees at the right time with short clips of actual beahviors and insights in the flow of work.

    Learning on the job

    We send every employee personalized context, informed by behavioral science and proven to drive change over time— to create an environment for success.

    Stay engaged throughout

    The system pushes individuals to reflect on their growth and maintain their goal touchpoints as an accountability partner and a trusted source of guidance.

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